FSC certified sustainable
timber scoop

Our dual purpose scoops are pretty nifty and cute – providing you with a 15mL measure (that’s one metric tablespoon) for your daily dose of the Ultimate - Complete Skin Food Elixir™. It also acts as a quick slide-on bag clip.

The scoops are reusable and made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable food-grade timber.

To reduce our environmental impact we aim to send only the scoops you need. You may decide you don’t require one if you already have an equivalent measure in your kitchen. That’s why you can opt out of receiving a scoop at checkout.

For every order where you select to remove the scoop, we’ll donate $1 to WWF-Australia Towards Two Billion Trees.

How to opt out

For one-time purchases: We provide one scoop per quantity ordered. You can reduce this at checkout. For every scoop you select to remove we’ll donate $1 to WWF-Australia Towards Two Billion Trees.

For subscriptions: We provide a scoop with your first order only. Of course, if at any time you’d like another one free of charge, just get in touch via our contact page and we’ll post you one with your next Optima order.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainable packaging and ethical sourcing practices here