Certified sustainable
marine collagen

We only use marine collagen that has been produced using fish caught by fisheries that are certified sustainable in accordance with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards. Choosing MSC-certified fisheries ensures our marine collagen is produced from fish sourced from wild-capture, sustainable fisheries. Sustainable fisheries operate on the core principle that waters are not overfished. They ensure enough fish are left in the ocean so that their operation will not negatively impact the environment or the communities who rely on fishing for their livelihood.

Our collagen is produced exclusively from deep sea cod skin (Gadus morhua), harvested from the North Atlantic Ocean. This provides a pure source of high quality, 100 per cent natural collagen peptides, batch tested to be low in mercury and heavy metals.

Our high production standards ensure consistent delivery of low molecular weight, marine collagen peptides. Low molecular weight particles are smaller in size and more easily absorbed across the digestive tract, ensuring optimal bioavailability and delivery to the areas of the body where it is active.

To obtain MSC certification, fisheries must be independently audited and found to comply with the MSC Fisheries Standard. A group of experts including scientists, conservation groups and members of the fishing industry have collaborated to formulate the MSC Fisheries Standard. Drawing on the latest data, along with the most cutting-edge research into fisheries management and science, they have devised a standard informed by three key principles:

Ensure fish populations can reproduce indefinitely by maintaining sustainable fish stocks.

Ensure ecosystems are not disrupted by fishing practices to help minimise the environmental impact of fisheries.

Ensure industry practices and fisheries management comply with requisite laws, but are also flexible enough to adapt to environmental changes.