The Optima Packaging Journey

Our dream comes true

From Optima’s inception, Cate and I have been determined to cement our passion for a more sustainable future into every facet of our brand. Packaging was no exception. From the early development phase of our very first product we searched far and wide to source a sustainable packaging solution. One that’s not only good for the environment, but also easy to use, ship, dispose of, and most importantly protects the product inside.

However, in a world driven by design, we also wanted it to be beautiful. Whilst we both agreed that functionality and sustainability would be the key driver, we wanted to push the boundaries of traditional eco-friendly packaging design. There is no doubt that amber glass bottles with minimalist label design are beautiful and elegant, but we wanted to stand out and make a statement.

We were so fortunate and excited to come across a packaging supplier who shared our vision for a sustainable future and was eager to work with us to develop something unique.

This would be a world first innovation, and no easy task. After all, the function of packaging is clear and simple, it’s there to protect and preserve the product inside it. This is even more important for food products where nutrient preservation and consumer safety are paramount. It’s with good reason that plastic has dominated this space for many years – but we knew that eco-friendly packaging solutions were on the horizon and were determined to harness this innovation if we could.

As this was happening, we were actually ready to launch in recyclable packaging that was “ok” from a sustainability standpoint. However, knowing that we could do better with this exciting new packaging technology, we took the decision to delay the launch by 6 months. We were going to launch in home-compostable biodegradable packaging!

Check out these time-lapse photos of the home-compostable packaging degrading:



Pretty amazing right?! 

We were excited to see our dream come to life and looked forward to sharing the technology behind Optima Nutricosmetics’ innovative certified home compostable film packaging.

So now for the testing phase. 

We conducted 6 months of accelerated and real-time stability studies (tests designed to check that the product was 100% protected by the packaging), and the results were promising. It seemed our hard work and determination had paid off. We were on track to launch in this incredible packaging!

Optima copostable packaing


A little snapshot of this home compostable biodegradable pack

We take responsibility for our decisions and actions

Fast forward a few months and the final testing phase begins. A small pilot batch of our actual bags arrive, ready to be filled with the Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ for our final round of testing. It’s the moment we have been waiting a long time for and as you can imagine we are beside ourselves with excitement. But then devastation strikes. The packaging failed.

Our Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ contains nutrient dense food ingredients rich in bioactive phytonutrients that are sensitive to light, heat and oxygen. In a nutshell, the final pack could not meet our standards to guarantee product efficacy over the life of the product and we simply could not proceed with this packaging option. Given all of the time and effort, we were beyond disappointed, in fact there were tears, and we were back to square one.

I can safely say that over this period we investigated every option possible with our packaging supplier to try and rectify this. In the end, we had no other option but to change the packaging type all together. At this stage, home compostable packaging was in its infancy, and whilst it was suitable and the best option for some products it was simply not the right option for our unique product at this stage.

A silver lining

At the same time, we visited a sustainability conference where an inspirational brand leading the way in sustainability and driving social change told of their journey to remove plastics from their supply chain entirely (right down to the sticky tape on their boxes). It was three-year process, but all the while they were able to do social good whilst phasing plastics out. This led us to reflect on our ultimate goal and that was to provide the most effective products to our customers, and from this our promise was born…

As we know better, we will do better.

We remain dedicated to meeting our long-term packaging sustainability goals and are still working diligently and testing packaging to constantly evolve to more sustainable solutions over time. You can read about the work we are doing to transition to the most sustainable options on our website.

APCO Optima Packaing Journey 

As proud signatories to APCO, we are accountable for the goals and timelines we create to achieve packaging sustainability. We believe that companies should play an active role in minimising the impact that their product (including its packaging) has on the environment. That’s why we believe it is our responsibility to provide you with sustainable product packaging that’s good for the planet, whilst still ensuring the contents are not be compromised in any way. We continue to do this with the packaging we currently have in market and it is a key consideration for any new products we launch.

We search the globe to form partnerships with like-minded brands and people

This is why we are proud and excited to announce our partnership with Get It Right (GIR) - a USA based business founded by an incredible lady, Samantha Rose. Sam is supported by an incredibly talented and dedicated team. Their collective mission is simple: they design products that Get It Right. What does that mean to Sam and her team?

"Getting it right means to take something familiar and give it an attitude that's refreshing, exciting, and made for the modern world. This drives everything we make. We make tools that are meant to be touched every day. We strive to make the best versions of products that everyone has seen before, exceeding the state of the art to a degree that becomes surprising and delightful.”


GIR Silicon packaging

We are working with GIR to start to design, develop and launch our sleek, reusable, silicone travel packs. We will be partnering to create something truly innovative and highly functional yet sleek and stylish! Watch this space.  

What’s next?

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We thank you in advance for your support. We are so thrilled to be doing this with you all.