Complete Skin Food Elixir ™

Ultimate 1.0

Gut & Skin Health Supplement

Formulated with marine collagen for healthy skin,
prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health,
and a powerful blend of natural ingredients.

Your foundation for complete gut health
and vibrant radiant skin, in one daily dose.

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Nourish your gut,
feed your skin


We’re serious
about sustainability

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Optima is the culmination of years of extensive research and development, underpinned by the 40-plus years’ combined industry experience of founders Karissa Mather and Cate Lilja.

"We started Optima after decades of working for some of the largest health and beauty companies in the world. We dreamt of developing our own pure, potent, proven, food-based beauty brand – something that truly reflected us and our ethical and sustainable values.”

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